I developed this easy to understand visual so that all swimming pool owners & pool operators would have a better grasp of the simplicity of caring for this great summertime investment.

In over 40 years of personal experience working with every day folks both locally, nationally and internationally, I knew there were common steps that must be accomplished on a regular basis to ensure “Sparkling Blue, Brilliantly Crystal Clear Water”.

The 5 Pillars - Sanitize (kill & prevent bacteria growth), Prevent Algae, Oxidize (destroy swimmer & other waste), Water Balance (pH, TA & CH) plus Good Filtration - have been in use for many years. As people have followed them, the overwhelming majority of pools are able to maintained successfully.

The 3 Foundations - Remove Biofilms, Add Borates and Use Enzymes - take advantage of relatively newer technologies that significantly enhance and support the 5 Pillars (Solid foundations support all structures.) The reason: nagging water issues such as phosphates, water mold, slime (not algae), chronic algae, etc., can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of normal pool care chemical systems and water balance, making the pool owners job tedious.

And that’s not why you installed your pool!

Your pool is supposed to be lots of fun with minimal work. Based on our experience, I know that pool care and maintenance should take less than 1 hour weekly. Period.

It is my hope that you’ll follow the 5 Pillars and least consider adding the 3 Foundations to your regular maintenance routine. Those who have are very happy with the results.

A few final thoughts:
1. Take advantage of the expertise of Par Pool & Spa. My staff & I spend many hours training and learning the latest in swimming pool water care technology year after year. Ask us Questions!

2. Bring in a water sample for regular computerized testing & analysis. Par Pool & Spa has the latest in testing & analysis technology to help determine what may be ailing your pool. And it’s FREE!

3. Par Pool & Spa has been recognized by customers from all over the United States as knowing and understanding the ins and outs of pool water care.

4. As a Certified Pool Operator, I have been certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation for my expertise in swimming pool and spa care.

                                    Thank you for your business! We strive to earn it everyday!
                                    Ron Parrs, President (#CPO-290472).

5 Keys to Good, Basic, Easy Pool Care
(it's not just pool chemicals - click on the keys for the details)

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The 5 Pillars & 3 Foundations of Good Pool Water Care

Over the years, Par Pool & Spa has come to the conclusion after dealing with & helping to care for swimming pool water in all 50 states of the United States, Following the basic  5 Keys was good, but to put everything into a better perspective & to more thoroughly treat the water and even prevent more extreme problems such as White Water Mold & Pink Slime, we developed this method of complete pool water care.

Take a couple of minutes & watch.