Even more Q & A!Bio-film - Par Pool & Spa has one of the best handles on how to recognizing & treating this problem; it is the root cause of White Water Mold & Pink Slime and other problems. We tackle the 2 together because you typically see one with other.  White Water Mold (WWM) first, then the Pink Slime (PS) grows on top of that.  Remember that Pink Slime & White Water Mold are not forms of algae.  They are bacterial in nature. If you haven't dealt with it yet, you will. Read about Bio-films by following the links above.

Question: I have an 18 X 36 IG pool with a Hayward DE filter. I noticed that when I turn on the filter, a sudsy-type of film appears on the water surface. This condition only occurs when the filter is running. When the filter is off, the film dissipates. The water is clear. This film is white in color, similar to what you would see in a bathtub after shampooing your hair. You can actually skim this substance up with a skimmer and it is milky, in nature. I had this problem last season, also. What is this phenomenon? Is it the chlorine, DE? Something has to cause this condition. It is real. I used spa sudsing chemicals last year. They were minimally effective. I have pool water samples that I am going to take for testing. The only problem with that, is that some pool dealerships are worst than car salesmen. They will sell you all sorts of chemicals for the sake of making a profit, rather helping you find a solution. Finding competent help from part-time teenagers working in pool stores is a problem. Anyway, I will seek professional help, if it is available, with this crisis.

Another condition that I have observed is a white, fungus -like growth that grew on the liner. (sort of like toilet paper suspended in water in appearance). With vacuuming and brushing, that condition has been removed for the time being. PH and Chlorine levels are OK. I use filter, shock, and algaecide. Any suggestions?

Right now, the film on the water surface is concern # 1.

Answer: It's very possible that you have White Water mold - that's the white "fungus - like growth" you see on the liner.  WWM usually starts in the filter system in the pipes.  By the time it reaches the pool, you have a problem.  I would recommend doing the following:

1. Add Aquafinesse Pool Water Care Tablets through the skimmer.  They will quickly dissolve & begin the work that is needed to break up the biofilms growing in the pool. DO NOT SKIP THE TREATMENT.
2.  Take the filter completely apart & clean every bit of it.  Chemically clean the filter grids using Strip Kwik.  If they are older than 5 years, you may want to consider replacing them.
3. Maintain good water balance.  Keep the chlorine level on the high side (over 2.5 ppm) for the next several days.

Keep in mind that this is going to be a "long -haul" treatment. It's not going to clear itself in a couple of days.  Unfortunately, WWM is difficult to diagnose until it's really made itself known. 

Question: Hi and thank you for your information on pink slime. We had this condition in our pool when we were using Baquacil, but switched over to chlorine several years ago and seem to have been able to keep it under control. I do not believe we had ridded ourselves of it, however. This past spring we had a new liner put in our pool. Sorry, it is an on ground pool with vinyl liner and de filter. with all the water out of the pool, I poured as much chlorine product as I could in the pipes and filter, as well as cleaning the cartridge out of the filter. Any way, my question is we have a solar cover that was used back in the day but has not been on the pool for several years. Do I have to worry about pink slime surviving without water for 4-5 years or if I put it back on the pool will it "reconstitute" itself? I do plan on cleaning the cover before had but would like to know if pink slime can survive in a non-aqua environment.

Answer: As you know, dealing with pink slime & water mold is bad enough.  There just isn't any point in chancing it.  Although the blanket may not have been used, you're still going to pick up mold, mildew & other stuff just by staying in storage.  The small amount you may spend for a new blanket could be a whole lot less than trying to treat/cure pink slime & white water mold. Prevent & treat your pool with AquaFinesse Pool Water Care Tablets & NaturCare Enzymatic Cleaner & Phosphate Remover.

Question: My problem is also pink slime. I have a 15 x 15 above ground. I used Vanquish a couple of years ago and that seemed to have worked because last year I didn't have any pink slime.   The vanquish directions says to pour 1 gallon of liquid chlorine in the skimmer 4 hours after using the Vanquish. I use soft swim, won't the chlorine mixed with Softswim cause added problems? I don't remember adding chlorine to it 2 years ago.

Answer: To treat pink slime in a Soft Swim pool use Soft Swim Assist.  For future preventative measures, I would recommend using BioGuard Optimizer Plus.  Optimizer Plus will significantly reduce your Soft Swim B usage & help the Soft Swim C work more effectively. Remember to follow all of the mid-season pool care ideas & keep that water balanced. 

Question: We have pink slime and it is getting worse all the time.  When we took the sample to our Baquacil dealer they didn't know what it was.  I just found a reference to pink slime while looking for a new pool cover, and in doing a search on it, found your site.  We have a pool and a hot tub, both enclosed in the same room.  As of this writing the slime is only in the hot tub.  Both our covers are well over the time to be replaced.  While doing that I want to be sure that the new covers are not contaminated.  We have spent thousands of dollars on Baquacil which is the only product ever used here, and the hot tub is an embarrassment.  We are talking thick pink goop twice a month, with a couple of days unusable as we dip out the slime! 

What do we do???? 

Answer: Unfortunately, I'm not going to have much good news for you.  Way back in the '80's we found that using biguanide (Baquacil, Soft Swim, Revacil, etc) just didn't work in indoor pools & are not a good choice.  Assuming you have a truly indoor pool & spa, sunlight can't get into the pool & help with the oxidation process.  Once you see pink slime in the pool itself, you can be guaranteed that the entire filtration system is contaminated, plus it's coating any lights, light niches, skimmer weirs, blankets, covers, etc.

Convert the pool to chlorine (follow the instructions at our website regarding biguanide conversion). You have liked (?) using Baquacil because of the nice feel to the water & the ease of upkeep (although not now).  In an indoor spa it's not as bad because you're changing the water every 3 months or so.  That helps.

If you like a chlorine-free bathing and soaking environment, I might suggest Nature2 in both pool & spa & make it a "low chlorine" system.  Combine Nature2 with BioGuard Optimizer Plus in the pool and SpaGuard Spa Silken in the spa & you've got nice, soft water with less upkeep problems.  For greater detail, I would suggest you calling our store & speaking with me or Justin & we can walk you through the conversion process.  Spending a little time with us on the phone would be really helpful to you & worth your time.  The best time to speak with us would be afternoons (mornings are a little crazy) from 4 to 6 pm Eastern time.  Our number is 203-377-0100.  We'll be able to suggest products & procedures to get you through this.

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