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5 Keys to Good, Basic, Easy Pool Care
(it's not just pool chemicals - click on the keys for the details)

Common Pool Problems... dealt with!

There are pool water problems and then are POOL WATER PROBLEMS. The POOL WATER PROBLEMS (biofilms, mold, slime, etc) are dealt with under the "Exotic Problems" tab found above.

Normal pool water problems or issues will be dealt in this section.

"Normal" pool water problems are typically these

  • Algae - green, yellow, black, bluish;  Algae comes in almost all colors & forms.  When you can finally see algae, it's a nuisance.  Learn about the different types of algae & how to prevent it or kill it.

  • Cloudy Water - seen from "water not sparkling" to hazy to opaque -- can't see 6 inches down.  A variety of causes that provoke a multitude of symptoms.  And, not just one, easy answer.

  • Metals & Staining of pool surfaces - unsightly.  Sometimes brown or black.  But is it a metal stain or is it algae?  Find out.

These problems have a long track record and are relatively easy to deal with. You'll find plenty of answers to questions on the following pages.

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