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5 Keys to Good, Basic, Easy Pool Care
(it's not just pool chemicals - click on the keys for the details)

"Exotic" Pool Care Issues...

Sometimes we run into "normal" pool care issues that may seem very problematic, but actually are quite common. We've gathered this information through knowledgeable sources as well as our own experiences with the many customers & pools that we've treated over the years. We present it here to you so that you may better treat & care for your pool. Most of these issues are preventable. Be Alert! Prevention is the best solution.

Please click on the links above to learn more about a specific pool care issue.

Pink Slime

White Water Mold

Biofilms - what they are & how to deal with them


Phosphates & Nitrates

Chlorine Demand


Water Related Illnesses

Pools & the "West Nile Virus"