On the next several pages you'll find questions about almost everything related to swimming pool water care & treatment. Click on the links below to take you to those questions... AND Answers! And even some back & forth responses!


Biguanides (BioGuard SoftSwim, Baquacil, Revacil, etc)


Chloramines & Chlorine Demand


Cloudy Water

General Pool Questions

Metal Staining

Pink Slime - White Water Mold

Salt - Saline - Mineral Springs

Water Balance


The overall philosophy of Par Pool & Spa is this: "there are no stupid questions... please ask"

Over the years we've been asked a LOT of questions about a LOT of pool care issues.

So many of those questions are the same questions just asked in a personal, individual way...YOUR way!

Actual Q & A... from people like YOU!

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