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How a Swimming Pool Works ...


Whether you have an inground pool or above ground pool, all pools essentially work the same:

- There's a pool body with an interior surface of vinyl, plaster, tile, fiberglass or a combination of these materials.

- Pool Water is drawn into the filter system (blue lines) from the skimmer & main drain (if equipped)

- Water comes into the filter system thru the 3-way valve (if equipped) & into the pump / motor



- Water travels into the filter (either Sand, DE or Cartridge) where fine dirt & debris are removed

- After the filter, the clean or cleaner, filtered water goes thru the heater (if equipped)

- Filtered & heated (not all pools) water returns to the pool (red lines) thru the return inlets

- For more information on the workings of your pool, click on the
5 Keys to Pool Care

All information contained in this article is courtesy of the BioGuard H2Know 2015-2016 Reference Guide. 

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