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How to Close or Winterize a Pool ...



when the season is over, proper winterizing makes spring start-up simpler & quicker.

ALL POOLS (vinyl liner only):
[ ] Remove ladders & any deck equipment

[ ] Vacuum pool & remove all debris

[ ] Add Chemicals to pool according to instructions

[ ] Clean & protect the waterline with Off the Wall Cleaner

[ ] Drain Filter tank of ALL WATER. Leave winter drain plug off!

[ ] Put all eyeballs, drain caps, gauges, etc. in pump basket for safekeeping

[ ] Clean DE grids or Cartridge with BioGuard® Strip Kwik, Kleen It or SoftSwim Filter Cleaner

[ ] Bring pump/motor indoors for winter

[ ] Winterize heater (if equipped) according to manufacturer's instructions. Failure to do so will cause winter damage and freezing.

[ ] Remove return eyeball(s) and install plug(s) or cap(s)

[ ] Winterize skimmer(s). See below for pool type

[ ] Put on Winter Cover. All Solid covers should FLOAT on the top of the water DO NOT drain pool lower than bottom of skimmer (mesh covered pools only)

If a pillow is used, inflate only to about 2/3 full. Over inflation will cause air leakage.

[ ] Properly store maintenance equipment

INGROUND POOLS (vinyl liner only):

[ ] Thoroughly blow out underground lines

[ ] Install Gizzmo(s) in skimmer(s) or Aquador(s)

[ ] Add pipeline antifreeze at the rate of 1 gal. per 20 ft of line run
[ ] Store diving board (if equipped) in a flat, horizontal position

[ ] Safety covers should be re-tightened at time of installation

[ ] Add additional dosage of Back Up Algicide in the spring if safety cover is used

[ ] Winterize skimmer with AQUADOR

[ ] Tighten cable securely around cover

[ ] Use Cover Clips to further secure cover. DO NOT HANG BOTTLES. Bottles hung from the cover will tear the cover!

[ ] Remove leaves and heavy debris that accumulate on cover

[ ] Remove excess water from top of cover (A submersible cover pump works best).

Watch our video of How to Prepare Your Pool for Winterizing

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Pools up to 12,000 gals.
1 -  BioGuard® Arctic Blue 12 Winter Kit
top up Optimizer Plus level, about 5 to 9 lbs

Pools up to 24,000 gals.
1 - BioGuard® Arctic Blue 24 Winter Kit
top up Optimizer Plus level, about 9 to 15 lbs

Pools Larger than 24,000 gals.
Stop by for the proper amounts of BioGuard® Arctic Blue Winter Products
Top up Optimizer Plus® level, about 15 to 20 lbs

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If you use Soft Swim®, Baquacil® or another biguanide product, click here for Winterizing instructions.

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