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How to Maintain a Pool ...


         keeping your pool looking like this


what to do on a regular basis to keep your pool sparkling clean, crystal clear & beautiful. 

Let's also add economical!  Avoid problems like algae & cloudy water that keep you from getting the most from your pool.

[  ]  Clean the Filter with BioGuard® Strip Kwik or Kleen It.

[  ]  Run filter a MINIMUM of 12 hours DAILY.

[  ]  Add an INITIAL DOSAGE of BioGuard® Back Up® or Algae All 60 algicide to prevent algae growth. Then add a Weekly dosage.

[  ]  Shock the pool WEEKLY with BioGuard® Burn Out® or Smart Shock® or Easy Shock & Swim®.

[  ]  Maintain Total Alkalinity & Calcium Hardness at proper levels. The Total Alkalinity serves as a buffer so that the pH doesn't bounce around. Have your pool water professionally tested & analyzed at least each month.

[  ]  Thoroughly BRUSH the pool walls weekly. Brushing disrupts any algae or bacterial growth that is growing.

[  ]  Remove the ladder (s) from pool & clean with BioGuard® Stow Away. Algae & bacteria like to start growing in hidden areas like the spaces under the ladder treads.

[  ]  Clean the Solar Blanket with BioGuard® Stow Away to remove all early algae & mildew growth. Solar blankets are breeding grounds for all kinds of stuff. Putting on a "dirty" blanket on to a clean pool only recontaminates the pool.

[  ]  Test your pool water at least twice a week.

[  ]  Bring in a 1 qt. water sample for a complete computerized analysis.


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