- - There appears to have occurred a dramatic rise in the reported cases of pink slime especially over the past 5 to 10 years. I'll go into more depth with this comment later.
- Many, but not all, affected pools have "smaller (under) sized" cartridge filters. (i.e. using a 75 sq ft filter on a 24 ft Rnd aboveground pool or a 90 sq ft filter on a 15 x 30 inground pool).

- Pools get 6 hours or less of direct sunlight on the pool surfaces.

- Pool owners always leave the solar blanket on AND don't chemically clean the blanket the recommended 2 times per year to remove the accumulated biofilm.

- "Shocking" or oxidizing of the pool water is not done with the recommended label instructions.

- Rainy pool seasons see a dramatic rise in the cases of pink slime.

- Customers regularly add fresh water from their tap without letting the hose-water run for a couple of minutes (slime is present in the garden hose).

- Pools with sand filters are not changing the sand every 2 to 3 years AND not chemically cleaning the filter sand 3 times a season (once every 6 to 8 weeks).

- Newer observation, although we've been watching for the past 2 years.  Most of the affected seem to use publicly treated drinking (potable) water.

- Pools filled with well water appear to be not as severely affected.

- Affected pools are not as fastidiously maintained chemically (water balance, use of Optimizer Plus, Soft Swim Assist), as clean pools.

- One of the other common issues that virtually ALL pool owners who experience Pink Slime observe is a more regular need to clean away "similar-looking" stuff in their homes.  They notice an increased need to clean toilet bowls, sinks, shower areas, etc.  It's appears to be the same stuff. 

- A second observation is that many water companies across the country, in partial response to "consumer calls" to "get rid of chlorine in the drinking water" are now using mono-chloramines to treat the water (over the past 5 to 10 years).  Mono-chloramines do an essentially good job at treating pathogens in the drinking water, however, some of the non-pathogenic organisms may indeed be getting by.

Pink Slime IS NOT CAUSED BY USING BIGUANIDES (Soft Swim, Baquacil, Polyclear, etc.)! It is an environmental issue.

Prevention of "Pink Slime" is preferred over treatment. Follow these steps to help prevent white water mold:
1. Physically brush & clean ALL Pool surfaces weekly, including ladder steps (especially underneath each step) & rails
2. Expose ALL pool surfaces to as much sunlight as possible (sunlight & UV are natural oxidizers)
3. Remove the lid from the skimmer to allow sunlight into the basket for several hours each day ** INGROUND POOLS MUST USE EXTREME CAUTION in doing this in order to avoid a person falling into or otherwise injuring themselves due to an open skimmer.4. Regularly add oxidizing chemicals into the skimmer to purge & clean the filtration lines of any bio-film*
5. When adding make-up water from the garden hose, allow the water to run for 2 to 3 (biofilms, mold, & slime love to grow in garden hoses) minutes before putting the hose into the pool.
6. Regularly clean pool toys & floats (use Stow Away)
7. Regularly clean pool solar blanket (use Stow Away)
8. Chemically clean pool filter every 4 to 6 weeks (use Strip Kwik, Kleen It or SoftSwim® Filter Cleaner)
9. Add regular Maintenance dosages of "Shock" & Algicide every 2 to 3 weeks as prescribed
10. Use Optimizer Plus® as a preventative measure (the borates in Optimizer Plus are a natural fungicide)
11. Run the filter a minimum of 12 hours daily to prevent "dead spots" in the pool
12. Remember to clean & rinse the brushes, hoses & vacuums that you use to clean the pool

13. Leave as much of your pool equipment exposed to the sun
14. Keep the water balanced at all times. Recheck after heavy usage or rain or large "top-offs" of new water. Water balance refers to Free Available Sanitizer level, pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness.

15. Regular use of AquaFinesse Pool Water Care Tablets are a proven winner in preventing Pink Slime.

Treatment of "Pink Slime" MUST BE QUICK AND TOTAL! DON'T SKIMP!
1. Clean all pool & affected surfaces as prescribed above.
2. Physically clean & remove all visible "white water mold"
3. Add an initial dosage of algicide to the pool*
4. "Shock" the pool with a triple or quadruple dose*
5. Run filter 24 hours daily until water is clear & halogen or peroxide levels are maintained at a "higher" level*
6. Chemically clean the filter
7. Bring in a fresh water sample about 4 days later for a retest & evaluation
8. Maintain Optimizer Plus® levels
9. Maintain good water balance of pH, Total Alkalinity & Calcium Hardness

10. Start off with a double dose of AquaFinesse Pool Water Care Tablets then follow the prescribed weekly dose.

*Follow the instructions given by your pool care specialist EXPLICITLY. Failure to do so could result in harm to you and/or your pool & its components.

NOTE: Once your pool has been "infected" with Pink Slime, you MAY always have to deal with it; every year, every pool season. Because Pink Slime is an environmental issue, it can never be completely eradicated. Pool owners who have stopped treating their pool because they thought they had the problem solved find out that that is not the case in as little as 2 weeks.

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Here's what some of our many customers have said regarding our treating Pink Slime with AquaFinesse & NaturCare Enzymes:

"Thank you for once again helping me with my mold problem. This is my 4th year ordering from you and I love your product!" Most Gratefully, Jane R, Georgia

"Ron called awhile back asking about my pink slime situation: much better still have some periodically. The [AquaFinesse] pucks are amazing. thank you, Lene' (customer since 2011)" Lene' V., Arroyo Grande, CA

"Ron. I am so impressed with you and your company's willingness to help and educate pool owners, I went into the local pool store to buy a corner brush because I forgot to order it from you last week and the girl said they don't make anything like that (wow) and got upset when I asked about pink slime she insist that if you just over chlorinate you will get rid of it. I use Baquacil so chlorine won't work for me if it will work at all.   
 "I have been battling pink slime since I started topping my pool off with garden hose and now know why many thanks to you.  Two days after first dose of aquafiness my pool looks and feels so much better."
  Sent from my iPhone. Tammy H., Bath, MI

"Ron, I just wanted to thank you for all your wonderful advice for our indoor pool. We had water mold in our pool and started using the AquaFinesse products. Within a week our pool started clearing up. Now it is crystal clear, and has not been this way for a long time. The water is so nice to swim in. I will continue to use these products in our pool. Thank you so much," Lori M., Columbus, IN

"Ron: I just wanted to take a little of your time to say "Thanks" for helping us through our spa problems.  We had talked three weeks ago about our "Pink Slime" problem.  All of the information you gave me was a great help.  Also, thanks for getting us started with Aqua Finesse.  So far, it is the best product we have used.  After draining and cleaning the spa, the water is crystal clear and no trace of slime.  We are now using the spa again and I hope this trend continues. You saved me from going to plan "B".  (plan b:  fill the spa with dirt and make a huge planter out of it.). Thanks again for your help and we will be doing more business with you in the future.”  Bob M., Kansas

"I am very impressed with your company’s expert knowledge and fantastic Customer Service. You DO take care of the customer after the sale, even if they are in the southeast US.  I wish more businesses were like you. Ron ,thanks again for all your help and I will give you a call next spring to order my supplies.  Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thank you,"
Debbie C, Your Tennessee Customer

"Pink Slime"

Furthermore, Pink Slime:

- is a bacterium has an affinity for the matrix that exists on the surface of PVC plastics; it will attach itself to & inside of the matrix, allowing it to re-contaminate long after it appears that it has been destroyed (includes pool toys, floats, ladders, steps, fountains, automatic pool cleaner parts, skimmer baskets, weirs, directional fittings, garden hoses, etc.)  Here's more about biofilms.

- small quantities can lead to a re-establishment of the problem

- caused by improper water & pool maintenance, environment, poor circulation

- prefers areas that are "dark" (not exposed to direct sunlight) & with "slow moving" water
** in another industry, medical technology, this bacterium occurs regularly in laboratory tubing

Pink Slime is a naturally occurring bacterium (of the newly formed genus Methylobacterium) (this is NOT a form of Algae, it is animal not vegetable)

Pink-pigmented, forms a heavy, protective slime coating providing the organism with an unusually high level of protection, methanol consuming, oftentimes found WITH White Water Mold that is very resilient against halogen-based (chlorine, bromine) as well as non-halogen sanitizers or germicides and can remain a contaminant even after treatment

Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT a biguanide (Baquacil or Soft Swim) problem ONLY. Although initially seen almost exclusively in Biguanide treated pools almost 30 years ago, there are just as many chlorine/bromine/salt treated pools that we help & treat as there are biguanide pools... in fact there are more. And the problem isn't going away anytime soon!

Pink slime is often mistakenly categorized as a form algae but, in fact, it is a bacterial growth.

Pink Slime has the ability to form a resistance to minimal levels of chlorine, but the longer it is allowed to grow the more resistant it becomes. Successful eradication of pink slime requires early detection and diligent effort.

Look for pink slime to develop in remote hiding places in your pool; inside the skimmer, behind the light, underneath ladder treads, around return fittings, and inside automatic pool cleaners.

Pink Slime "Causes"

In swimming pools, pink slime is caused by improper water & pool maintenance, environment, poor circulation to name a few.  After regular tracking of homeowners swimming pools affected by pink slime, we have noted & present some commonalities:

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